Our Firm


Who we are:

The partnership of DOYLE & SCHAFER, formed on October 1, 2012, combines the Trial experience of Daniel Doyle and Terrence Schafer. Together, they possess approximately 45 years of Civil Litigation Trial experience. As Trial Lawyers, Doyle & Schafer brings a unique perspective to the handling of contested cases; each case being appropriately evaluated, litigated and tried on its merits or resolved with its clients’ interest foremost. Both partners are qualified and licensed to practice before all of the courts of the State of California, both state and federal.

DOYLE & SCHAFER is based in the Irvine Spectrum area, a convenient distance from the major Superior Courts located in and around Southern California.  The Firm serves a wide range of clients located throughout the State of California and practices actively in diverse areas including Professional Liability, General Liability and Casualty, Medical and Dental Malpractice, Employment and Labor Law, Family Law, Business Litigation, and Construction Law.

DOYLE & SCHAFER takes pride in its level of personal service to each client. We look forward to the future with confidence and with the expertise and ability to serve our clients’ diverse and specific needs.

The members of the Firm are active in the fields of risk management and continuing education to its clients. The firm assists clients in establishing and amending procedures to limit and avoid losses, as well as claims management.